Clubs & Organizations

We have an excellent archery team that has competed at the state and national level.
Our  basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams travel and compete with other schools.

Little Dribblers, Dance Team, and Cheerleaders perform at our basketball games and also at Pioneer and Lyon College Scots games.
Our flag football teams will continue to grow.  Their reward for all their hard work this year ends with a huge pool party.

Science Club has been very active this year with our extra experiments and more recently helping to create a school greenhouse.  
The Success and Resource programs have developed  a HOFNOD program (Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs).  They continue to learn a love of fishing and also have set up an aquarium with their caught fish.

Our 4-H After School program continues its program of service with a goal of more county wide participation. They won serveral awards this year.

--Select Choir at Sulphur Rock Magnet is a group of boys and girls who take their free time during recesses and after school to learn songs to sing  for performances at Hopsitals, Nursing Homes and one big final performance for staff, students, and parents at the end of the year.  
--Sulphur Rock's 4th Grade will develop a museum on the Lewis and Clark Expedition through the Louisiana Purchase to prepare for their big field trip to St. Louis and the Arch Museum.